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Thread: Progress reset

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    Default Progress reset

    All of us have been wondering if there will be a progress reset on opening day? And if so what will it be for all the progress we have made
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    Default Yes

    They will definitely have a wipe. We are just testing the game. You don't have to help test the game if you don't want to.

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    Default info wipe

    hmmm I wonder if even the devs have the answer to this question. Some say only monsters will get wiped, other say info will carry over. Nobody is giving a definite reply. ;(

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    Default answered

    They already answered this when they announced CBT. Here is the insert.


    * Your game progress may be not saved if you continue playing as Guest during CBT.
    * Maintenance and Updates will be notified on the Official Forums
    * All Data will be deleted at the ending of the CBT and will not be saved for Global Launch.
    * Please check our Terms of Service for the policy.

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