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    Default Beginner's Guide

    Recruiting Masters

    > There are 5 Masters to support the Crusade.
    > Each Master has its own unique role and element.
    > Strategically utilize all 5 Masters to dominate the battle.

    ■ Roles
    - There are 4 roles: DPS / Supporter / Healer / Tanker

    ■ Recruiting Masters
    - Touch the master portrait to check details (role / element / skills).
    - Touch the Recruit Master button to recruit the Master.
    - Extra Master slot opens based on the level of the Crusade.

    ■ Recruiting [Dark] Ishmael / [Light] Ophelia
    - Light and Dark Masters have additional requirements to recruit.
    1. Clear Chapter 7 Quests for Light / Dark elements.
    2. Recruit using Karats.
    - However, Light/Dark Masters cannot be recruited if there are no extra Master slots opened.

    Summon (Library of Souls)

    > Summon the Servants to join the Crusade.
    > There are various summon types and methods.

    ■ How to Summon
    - Servants can be summoned using Gold and either Summon Stones or Summon Stone Shards.
    - Possible summon list (Servants / Elements / Grades) varies by the type of Summon Stones used.

    ■ Summon Stone
    - 1 Servant can be summon using 1 Summon Stone.
    - Possible summon list (Servants / Elements / Grades) varies by the type of Summon Stones used.

    ■ Servant Summons Stone Shards
    - Collect required amount of Shards to summon that particular Servant!

    ■ Special Summon Stone
    - Collect required amount to summon a random Servant from the list.
    - Possible summon list changes weekly.


    > Ready for the battle yet?
    > Learn the fuctions to enjoy the battle even more!

    ■ Battle
    a. Auto Setting
    b. Game Play Speed Setting
    c. Camera Setting
    d. Damage / Heal / Support Meter
    e. Status of Allies
    f. Targetting
    g. Status of the Opponent

    ■ Battle Mode
    1. Auto Attack
    - When the battle begins, allies attacks the enemy with normal attacks.

    2. Skill
    - Skill gauge increases automatically.

    3. Combo Skill
    - Some Servants have Combo Skills.
    - When Master casts skills, Servants' skill gauge of the Combo Skill with the same Mark as the Master's skill will increase.
    Combo Skills can be casted when the skill gauge of the Combo Skills are full.

    ■ Battle Settings
    1. Auto Setting
    - Touch the Auto button to change setting.

    2. Game Play Speed
    - There are 3 speed settings.
    - Change speed settings to choose to play faster or enjoy the actions in slower speed.

    3. Camera (View)
    - Touch the Camera button to change between Fixed view (N) and Adjustable View (F).
    - Rotate and zoom in/out the view In Adjustable View (F).

    4. Target
    - Touch the button to rotate the target between Boss and Tower.

    ■ Display
    1. Damage / Heal / Support Meter
    - Displays contribution of Master & Servants

    2. Damage / Heal Display
    - Damage amount and Heal amount are displayed on the top of the characters.
    - Types are differentiated by colors.

    3. Buff & Debuff
    - Buffs & Debuffs icons are located next the character portraits & under the HP of the enemy.
    - Buffs are blue icons and Debuffs are red icons.


    4. Aggro
    - Aggro mark is displayed on the top of the character to show who's being targetted.

    ■ Win Condition
    - Win the battle by defeating the boss.
    - Stars can be acquired depending on how long the battle lasted.
    - Touch on the Stars (right top corner) to check details.

    ■ Pause
    - Touch the Pause icon on the right top corner to pause the battle.
    - Details of the monster can be viewed while paused.
    - Touch [Continue] to resume the battle and touch [End Battle] to quit battle.

    Battle Preparation

    > Strategize before entering battle to ensure victory.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles"
    - Sun Tzu, The Art of War -"

    ■ Battle Preparation

    a. Name of Stage
    b. Selected Characters: Characters to join battle and can be deselected by touching the portrait.
    c. Enemy Information: Touch the portrait to check name, role, and skills.
    d. List of Characters: List of characters that can join the battle. Scroll right and left to see entire list.
    e. Battle: Displays required Valor amount and can enter the battle by touching the button.

    ■ Character Selection
    - Touch the portrait of the characters to select to compose a team.

    1. Master Selection
    - A Master must to be selected first.
    - Portrait of the selected Master will appear on the Main Character Slot and Marks will be shown under the portrait.

    2. Servant Selection
    - Servants can be selected after Master is selected.
    - Portraits of Servants will appear in the Servant Slots in Ⅰ→Ⅱ→Ⅲ order.

    ■ Details
    - Touch the portrait for 2 seconds to check details of the character.

    ■ Icons
    1. Roles
    - There are 4 roles: DPS / Tanker / Healer / Supporter
    - Mixing the roles between characters will be beneficial in battles.

    2. Element
    - Arrows on the left bottom of the portrait indicate the advantage/disadvantage of element relationship against the boss.

    3. Marks (Combo Skill)
    - Some Servants have combo skills. Combo skills activate when Servants have same Mark as the Master.
    - Servants' Marks are shown on the right bottom of their portraits
    - Marks under the Master's portrait will light up when the Servants with same Marks are selected.

    ■ Team Passive Skill
    - Team Passive Skill effect applies to the team members and conditions may vary by contents and/or elements.
    - Touch the Team Passive Skill icon to select the skill to be activated when there are any Servants with Team Passive Skill.

    Character Management - Enhancing

    > Best way to get a stronger team is by enhancing Masters and Servants.
    > Enhancing (Character Level / Skill Level), Evolving (Grade), and Awakening will grant you the
    power you need.

    Q. I cannot choose the Servant I wish to use for enhancing and evolving.
    A. Servants under following circumstances cannot be used as materials:

    ■ Enhance
    - Enhancing using Servants grant you EXP.
    - Servants used as materials will be gone.
    - Skill level will increase[/B][/U] if you use [B]same Servant of any element or Mature Kether.
    - You cannot enhance when the target is at its max level.
    > You can still enhance skill level using same Servant of any element or Mature Kether

    1. Enhance Screen
    a. Target: The character being enhanced. Can be selected from the inventory and can be unselected by
    clicking one more time.
    b. Material: Displays characters that can be used as materials. Maximum of 5 can be selected at once.
    c. Result: Expected results (Level / Stats).
    d. Enhance: Gold cost and enhances when touching the button.

    2. Enhancing Steps
    a. Select Target: Select the Master or Servant to be enhanced.
    b. Select Materials: Select materials from the inventory to be consumed.
    > Selected target and materials can be unselected by touching the portrait(s) again.
    c. Touch Enhance button to proceed with enhancing.

    3. Enhance Material Servants
    - Material Servants are called "Kether". Using Kether of same element as the selected target will grant
    more EXP.
    - Kether Larva: EXP enhancing material. Grants more EXP when used as material.
    - Kether Pupa: Awakened version of Kethre Larva. Grants even more EXP when used as material.
    - Mature Kether: Skill enhancing material.

    1. The higher the level of the Servant being used as material, the higher EXP it will grant.
    > Enhancing cost is determined by its grade, not by level.
    2. Awaken Kether Larva into Kether Pupa. It will grant even more EXP
    3. Make sure to utilize 'lock' function to prevent using important Servants as materials.
    ■ Evolve
    - Characters can be evolved to higher grade when they reach maximum level.
    - Evolving requires same grade Servants as materials.
    - Characters can be evolved to 6 Stars.

    1. Evolve Screen
    a. Target: The character to be evolved. Can be selected in the inventory and can be unselected by touching the portrait again.
    b. Material: Servants selected to be consumed as materials.
    c. Result: Expected result (Grade / Stats).
    d. Evolve: Gold cost and evolves when touching the button.

    2. How to Evolve
    a. Select Target: Select Master or Servant to be evolved
    b. Select Materials: Select materials of the same grade as the target.
    c. Touch Evolve button to proceed with evolving.

    3. Evolve Material Servant
    - Mutated Kether: Material Servant used to evolve.

    1. Skill level will increase when using same Servant of any element as evolving material.
    2. Make sure to utilize 'lock' function to prevent using important Servants as materials.

    ■ Awakening
    - Awakening will enhance both skill and stats.
    - Possible Awakening is determined by the character's original grade.
    - Color of the Stars will change by Awakening level.
    - Awakening requires Element Stones of the same kind as the target's element.

    1. Awakening Screen
    a. Target: Character to be Awakened.
    b. Material: Materials required.
    c. Result: Expected result after Awakened.

    2. How to Awaken
    a. Select Target: Select the character to be awakened. Touching other characters will change the target.
    b. Awaken: When having enough materials, touch the Awaken button to Awaken the Character.

    3. How to Acquire Element Stones
    a. Awakening Dungeon (World Map -> Awakening Dungeon)
    - Different element Awakening Stones can be acquired daily.
    b. Tribute
    - Element Stones can be acquired once per day from Tribute.

    Character Management – Runes

    Runes are equipment items that increase stats of Characters.
    All Runes have original star grade and original rarity and can be enhanced for higher stats.

    ■ Runes

    1. Primary Stat
    - All Runes have a Primary stat.
    - Primary stat and stat value are based on its original star grade and its shape.
    - Stat value increases when enhancing and the higher its original star grade, the higher it increases.

    2. Secondary Stat (Prefix)
    - If a Rune has prefix, it will have secondary stat.
    - Secondary stat cannot be enhanced.

    3. Additional Stats
    - All Runes have additional stats based on original grade and current grade. (Except Normal grade)
    - Additional stats are added every 3 enhance levels. (3, 6, 9, 12)

    4. Set Effect
    - Set effects are activated when requirements are met
    - Requirements and effects vary by the Set.
    - Set effect for the Rune equipped on the Rune slot with yellow edges will enhance the effects.

    ■ Rune Enhancing
    - Runes can be enhanced up to +15 and primary stat value will increase at every enhance level.
    - Value of additional stats increase depending on enhance level and its original rarity.
    - Rune enhancing can be failed at a certain rate.
    - Gold is required to enhance Runes, and the higher its original star grade, the higher Gold amount is required.

    ■ Acquiring Runes
    - Runes can be acquired at a random chance when clearing stages.
    - Acquirable Runes are listed when you click each tiles on the World Map.
    - Rare Runes can be acquired from Omen's Void (Rune Dungeon).

    ■ Type of Runes
    1. Stats by Type
    - Runes have 8 different types and primary Stat is determined by its type.
    - Odd number Runes will have equal primary stat categories.
    - Even number Runes (2, 4, 6, 8) will have randomly selected primary stat.

    2. Extra Slots (To be updated soon)
    - All Masters and Servants have extra slots available.
    - Extra slots are 7th and 8th slots and some may only have 7th slot when others may have both 7th and 8th slots.
    - 7th and 8th slots are locked by default and can be unlocked by completing missions.

    ■ Equipping, Unequipping, and Selling of Runes
    1. Equipping
    - All Runes can be equipped on any Character without restrictions.
    - Runes can only be equipped on any empty slot with same type.
    - If Runes are already equipped, new Runes can be equipped by unequipping current Runes, or by replacing the current Runes (current Runes will be gone).

    2. Unequipping
    - All equipped Runes can be unequipped by using Gold.
    - Gold amount varies by Runes and original star grade.

    3. Selling
    - Runes can be sold in bulk by touching [Sell Selection].
    - Gold can be earned through selling Runes and Gold amount varies by type, rarity, original star grade, and primary stat.

    ■ Rune Inventory
    - Runes are stored in the inventory and can be expanded by using Gold.

    Character Management - Skills

    > Using skills in battle will bring victory!
    > Each Masters & Servants have various skills depending on their Element, Grade, and Roles.

    ※ Masters' & Servants' skills can be managed in [Skill] menu.
    ※ Masters and Servants have different methods of learning and enhancing their skills.

    ■ Master Skills
    1. Type of Skills
    - Masters have [Active skills] & [Passive skills].

    a. Active Skills
    - Active skills are the type of skills used in battles.
    - Masters have 5 Active skills.
    - How to learn skills:

    b. Passive Skills
    - Passive skills have permanent effects on Masters' stats.
    - All Masters have 12 Passive skills.

    1. How to Acquire Skill Points (SP)
    - Leveling up Masters will grant Skill Points (1 point for each level).
    > Acquired Skill Points from Leveling can only be used on that Master.
    - Skill Points can be purchased with Karats (Up to 200 points).
    > Purchased Skill Points can be used for all Masters and are shared between them

    2. Skill Enhancing
    - Skill Points (SP) are required to enhance Masters' skills.
    - Once distributing Skill Points, touch [save] to complete.

    3. Skill Reset
    - Resetting Skill Points will get all Skill Points back to allocate in different ways.
    - Resetting Skill Points can be done separately by the battle modes (PvE / PvP).
    - It does not cost to reset skills.

    4. Skill Setting
    - Skill settings can be saved separately by battle modes (PvE / PvP).
    - PvE: Explore, Awakening Stone Dungeons, Mystery Dungeons, and Rune Dungeons
    - PvP: PvP, Tower Invasion

    ■ Servant Skills
    1. type of Skills
    - Servants have [Active skills] & [Passive skills].

    a. Active Skills
    - Active skills are the type of skills that you use in battles.
    - Servants have 2 Active skills.

    b. Passive Skills
    - Some Servants have Passive skills. (based on original Grade)
    - Servants have 2 type of Passive Skills: [Team Passive] & [Passive]
    > Team Passive: Applies to all team members during the battle. You can check details in [Character] -> [Information] -> [Details]

    > Passive: Applies to only certain team members during the battle. You can check details in [Character] -> [Skill]

    2. Skill Enhancing
    - Servant skills can be enhanced by enhancing or evolving using same Servant of any Element.
    - Upon enhancing, randomly selected skill level will increase.
    - Awakening the Servant will increase its maximum skill level.

    - Mature Kether enhances a random skill of any Servants when used as a material.
    - Mature Kether can be acquired at shop using Honor Points
    - Mature Kether can be used as a material in enhancing menu

    3. Acquiring Skills
    - Skills are acquired by their Original Grade and Awakening level.
    - Time to time, there will be different requirement to acquire skills.

    4. Servant Mark
    - Some Servants have Marks.
    - Skill guage will increase when Master uses skills with same Mark. Combo skill can be casted when skill guage is full.
    - type of Mark
    > Primary Mark: Mark that activates Combo Skill
    > Secondary Mark: Skill that activates at a certain rate when another Servant Primary Mark Combo Skill.
    * Secondary Mark must be the same as the Primary Mark of the Servant casting the Combo Skill

    Character Management - Information

    > Check details of Masters & Servants in possession.

    ■ Information

    1. Character Details
    - Check details of Masters & Servants in possession.
    - Base stats are displayed in White Color and any additional stats (from Runes, Element Enhance, and etc.) are displayed in Green Color.

    2. Boast
    - Information of Masters and Servants can be shared with other users via link in the chat (Regular / Guild / Whisper).

    3. Main Character
    - Main Character is displayed in the portrait to represent Crusade and can be used as an Instructor in the
    Guild Training Ground.
    - When set as a Main Character, the character is locked and cannot be dismissed nor used as an
    enhancing material.

    4. Lock
    - Servants can be locked to be protected from accidentally dismissing or using as an enhancing material.

    5. Rating
    - Ratings and reviews on the Servant from other players can be viewed.

    6. Dismiss
    - Dismissing Servants will grant Gold.
    - Once dismissed, it cannot be restored. Please proceed with care.

    ■ Inventory

    1. Sorting
    - Servants can be sorted using sorting function.

    2. Expand
    - Inventory can be expanded using Gold.
    - 10 slots will be expanded at a time with maximum up to 50 slots (80 total).

    Element Upgrade

    > Element Upgrade is another way to get stronger.
    > Stats of Masters & Servants will increase by the Element Upgrade level.

    ■ Element Upgrade

    - 5 Trials are given for each element. (Resets 00:00 daily)
    - Trials are deducted per trial whether or not upgrade succeeds.
    - Upgrade can be done without consuming any materials up to Lv.20 for each element.
    (Light/Dark Elements are free up to Lv.40 due to the progress of Light / Dark elements are combined.)
    - Corresponding Element Stones are required to upgrade beyond Lv.20 (Lv.40 for Light/Dark elements).

    1. 1 time only per day! Upgrade success rate is 100%.
    2. Element Stones can be acquired from Awakening Dungeons and Tributes.


    > Quests will direct Heirs in their jouneys.
    > Quests will make game play more enjoyable.
    > Complete quests to acquire various rewards.

    ■ Quest
    [- Extra reward is available upon completed all quests in each chapter.
    - Quest icon will be displayed for the tiles with quests.
    - Progress won't continue until completed quest reward is claimed.
    - Don't forget to claim rewards after quests are completed!

    1. Tutorial Quest
    - Only 1 Chapter exists for tutorial quests.
    - Completing tutorial quests will grant basic knowledge to play the game.
    - It is recommended by Church of the Morning Star for new Heirs to complete tutorial quests.

    2. Element Quest
    - Element Quests consist of multiple chapters.
    - Extra reward is available upon completed all quests in each chapter.
    - Complete Dark/Light Element Chapter 7 Quests to unlock Ophelia (Light Element Master) and Ishmael (Dark Element Master).


    > Daily, Weekly, and Cumulative Missions are waiting for Heirs.
    > Complete missions and claim rewards!

    ■ Mission
    - Touch [Collect Reward] button to claim rewards.
    - Touch [Go Now] button to be conveniently directed to the mission.

    1. Daily Mission
    - Daily missions reset daily.
    - Extra reward is available when completing all daily missions.
    - Daily missions reset at 00:00 daily and current status/progress reset.

    2. Weekly Mission
    - Weekly Missions reset weekly (7 days).
    - Extra reward is available when completing all weekly missions.
    - Weekly missions reset at 00:00 on Mondays and current status/progress reset.

    3. Cumulative Mission
    - Unlike daily or weekly missions, cumulative missions do not reset.
    - Play through to complete all cumulative missions!

    World Map

    > World Map of Hinterlands.
    > It's the beginning of the adventure.
    > Conquer and protect your land.

    ■ World Map
    - Various contents such as Stages, Invasions, PvP, and others are located in the World Map and can be accessed depending on your level.
    - Screen can be moved by dragging to any direction and can be enlarged or reduced as well.

    ■ Contents Button
    - Touch Contents button at the right bottom to quickly access the contents.
    1. Explore: Display the most recent stage played
    2. Invasion, Tower Invsion, PvP : Move to nearest tile.

    ■ Tile
    - World Map consists of numerous tiles.
    - Locked tiles cannot be entered and they can be unlocked by meeting requirements.
    - Quest mark will be displayed if there are quests in the tile.

    ■ Type of Tiles
    - Tiles are separarted into 3 types

    ■ Tribute
    - Tributes can be earned as rewards for conquered Manors.
    - Tribute Details are displayed at the left bottom and can be claimed by touching it.
    - Gold can be claimed every hour and Awakening Stones can be claimed every 24 hours and it does not accumulate over its max capacity.


    >Bring the light to the Hinterland as a Heir of Light.
    >Earn various rewards and level up Crusade, Master, and Servants.

    ■ Basics of Explore
    - Each tile requires 'Valor' to enter
    - Each tile has multiple floors and clearing all tiles will unlock adjancent tiles.

    ■ Type of Tiles
    - Normal Tiles (1x1): Grants EXP and rewards.
    - Bonus Tiles (2x2): Grants higher EXP and more rewards.
    - Boss Tiles (3x3 / 4x4): Encounter Boss in these tiles and possible to acquire Servant Shards.
    - Joker Tile (Treasure Chest): Grants high reward for 1st time clear.

    ■ Rewards
    1. Clear Rewards
    - Rewards can be acquired from clearing tiles.
    - Acquirable rewards can be checked when you click on 'Reward List' on the tile.

    > In need of Runes?!
    - Different Runes can be acquired from different tiles.

    2. Repeat Rewards
    - Repeat rewards can be acquired through playing same element region repeatedly.
    - Repeat rewards progress count separately for each element.
    - Acquirable repeat rewards are displayed in the battle prep screen.

    3. Star Rewards
    - Stars are given by the clear time of each stages and Star rewards can be acquired for accumulated number of Stars.
    - Stars are counted seperately by each element.
    - Accumulative acquired Stars and acquirable rewards are displayed when touching on the each tile on each element.


    > Defeat the evil forces in the Manors.
    > Manors can be conquered by defeating all evil forces.
    > Tributes can be acquired when Manors are conquered.

    ■ Manor
    - Manors occupied by evil forces are displayed with yellow flags.
    - Valors are required to enter the Manor stages.
    - Manors can be conquered once and conquered Manors will have white flags.
    - Be alerted! Others will try to invade Manors.

    Tip! Tribute
    - Element Stones can be acquired through Tribute.
    - Hours and rewards from Tribute are shows at the left bottom of World Map.
    - Click on the arrow nex to the Tribute to check owned Manors.

    Mystery Dungeon

    > Mystery Dungeons can be found occasionally when clearing Exploration of Dungeons.
    > Servant Summon Shards of the Boss can be acquired when clearing the Mystery Dungeon.

    ■ Mystery Dungeon
    - Mystery Dungeon is open for 60 minutes from the discovery and can be entered without limit.
    - Mystery Dungeon can be shared on the chat or guild chat.
    - Other Crusades can enter the shared Mystery Dungeon by sending request to the original discoverer.

    > Crusades within same guild do not need to wait for approval to enter the shared Mystery Dungeon.
    > Join guild and take the benefit!

    ■ Reward
    - Servant Summon Shards of the Boss can be acquired when clearing the Mystery Dungeon.
    - Servant can be summoned when there are required amount of the Servant Summon Shards.

    Rune Dungeon (Omen's Void)

    > Rare Runes can be acquired from [Omen's Void].
    > Conquer Omen's Void to equip rare Runes on your Masters & Servants!
    > Good luck defeating Omen!

    ■ Rune Dungeon
    - Valor is required to enter.
    - Elements of Omen vary by floors which requires different strategy for each floor.
    - Rarer Runes can be acquired from higher floors.

    Awakening Dungeon

    > Elemental Stones are required to Awaken characters and to enhance Elements.
    > Elemental Stones can be acquired at [Awakening Dungeon].
    > Awakening Dungeons rotate daily.

    ■ Awakening Dungeon
    - Valor is required to enter.
    - The Boss [Iscariot] gets stronger by the floors.
    - Rewards such as Element Stones, Kether, Summon Stones, and etc. can be acquired.

    1. Magic Dungeon
    - Magic Dungeon is open at all times.

    2. Element Dungeon
    - Element Dungeons rotate daily.
    - Defeat [Iscariot] to acquire rewards!

    Tower Management

    > Managing Tower is crucial for Tower Invasion!
    > Manage Towers to defend or invade Manors.

    ■ Servants
    - Owned Servants can be placed in the Tower.
    - Touch "Auto" button and system will automatically place Servants.
    - Touch "Complete" to save current setting and once completed, it cannot be changed for 2 hours.

    ■ Interior
    - There are 4 Interiors that increase stats of placed Servants.
    - Level up Interior by using Honor Points.
    - Touch "expand" button to check details of stats applied and special skills for each floor.

    ■ Tower Enhancing
    - Maximum number of floors of the Tower is based on the Crusade level.
    - Towers can be expanded up to 7th floor.

    ■ Mock Battle
    - All Crusades can attack their own Tower to test the setting.
    - Mock Battle does not require PvP Tickets.

    ■ Invasion Log
    - View record of Tower Invasion

    Tower Invasion

    > Defend Hinterland from other Crusades' invasions!
    > PvP Tickets are required to enter.

    ■ Opponents
    - Other Crusades invade Manors at 00:00 daily.
    - Touch on the invaded Manor to check opponents and can battle from the first floor.
    - Opponents can be changed by using Karats up to 5 times. However, reset cannot be done if any floor has been defeated.

    ■ Rewards
    - Earn Victory Points upon winning, and lose Victory Points upon losing the battle.
    - Earn items such as Honor Points, Summon Stone Shards, and etc. upon winning.
    - Winning rewards are based on the League.

    ■ Ranking
    - Ranking is determined by the result of the battle and the League is determined by the Victory Points.
    - Weekly rewards are given by the rank.
    - Each season consists 4 ranking weeks and season rewards will be issued by the League once season is done.
    - Lowest Victory Points possible is 990.

    ■ Tower Menu
    a. My Information: Your Crusade ranking and Victory Points.
    b. Invading Tower: Touch to enter battle.
    c. Opponent: Opponent's information.
    d. Ranking: View current / previous ranking.
    Rewards: View weekly / season rewards
    e. Manage Tower: Manage your Tower.
    f. Reward Time: Time left until weekly reward can be claimed.


    > Fight against other Crusades who invaded your Hinterland.
    > PvP Tickets are required to enter PvP.

    ■ Opponent
    - Other Crusades invade your Hinterland at every hour.
    - Entering the tile invaded shows the invading Crusades.
    - List of opponents can be refreshed using Karats.
    - Crusade may attack the opponent who won against you or have refreshed the list for up to 3 times.

    ■ Rewards
    - Victory Points are acquired upon winning and are lost upon losing.
    - Gold and Honor Points can be acquired upon winning.

    ■ Ranking
    - Ranking is based on Victory Points.
    - Each season consists 4 ranking weeks and season rewards will be issued by the League once season is done.

    ■ Team
    - Touch PvP party menu to select a Master and Servants for PvP.
    - Touch Auto Formation to easily set up PvP team.

    Mass Invasion

    > ???: We will be invading your Manors.
    > Unexpected invasion.
    > Floors can be entered consecutively from the first floor and requires PvP Tickets to enter

    ■ Characteristics
    - Unexpected invasions occur at your Manors.
    - Rewards can be acquired by defeating invading enemies.
    - Enemies retreat when all floors have been defeated.


    > Enemies are trying to conquer your Manors everyday.
    > Requires PvP Tickets to enter and each floor can be entered consecutively.

    ■ Invasion
    - Invasions occur on Manors at 00:00.
    - Rewards can be earned by defeating the enemies.
    - Enemies retreat when clearing all floors.


    > Socialize by joining the guild.
    > Create a guild or join other guild to enjoy Heir of Light with other Heirs.

    ■ Guild
    - Can only join 1 guild at a time (per account, not per Masters)
    - Guild consists of 60 members. (50 Members + 10 Journeymen)
    *Journeymen: Those who got promoted from Apprenticeship

    1. Join Guild
    - Check recommended or new guilds on the list or search for a guild to apply to join.
    - Cannot join or create a guild on the same day after leaving or disbanding the guild. Limit resets at 00:00.
    - If the guild requires approval to join, Master's or Officers' approval is required to join.
    - Request can only be sent to one guild at a time and may cancel current request to apply to another guild.

    2. Guild History
    - Displays latest news about the guild members
    - In guild history, members joining / leaving the guild, Mystery Dungeons found, and other news can be checked.

    3. Attendance
    - All members can check in for attendance.
    - Attendance resets at 00:00 daily.
    - Daily rewards are issued upon daily check in and consecutive check in rewards are available when checking in 3 days consecutively.
    - Rarer rewards can be acquired for consecutive check in rewards depending on how many members checked in on the previous day.

    4. Training
    - EXP can be acquired through training using NPC and other members' main characters ad trainers.
    - Up to 5 characters can be selected at a time.
    - Training time varies by how many trainers are selected. (1 Trainer = 20 minutes)
    - While in progress, training can be canceled and trainers will be marked as used.
    - Training rewards are available when using more than 5 trainers in a day. (Resets at 00:00 daily)

    5. Guild Creation
    - Guilds can be created by using Gold.
    - When creating a guild, the guild Master can set up join type (open/approval) and requirements.

    6. Guild Setting
    - Master and Officers can change setting of the guild (Join type / requirement / description).
    - Guild can be disbanded only when there are no members in the guild besides the Master.

    7. Guild Member
    - Through the manage menu, Master can ban, approve, appoint, and promote members.
    - Guild Master cannot leave the guild until appoint another member as the Master.

    8. Apprenticeship
    - Crusades applied for Apprenticeship are joined as Apprentices.
    - Apprentices can apply to become Journeymen and upon approval, they become official member of the guild.


    > Barracks is an extra inventory to keep Servants.
    > Barracks can be expanded using Gold.

    ■ Transfer
    - Select the Servants in the inventory and touch the top arrow to transfer them to Barracks.

    - Select the Servants in the Barracks and touch the bottom arrow to transfer them to inventory.

    - Barracks can be expanded using Gold. (Max 200 slots)

    - Utilize sorting function to conveniently search the Servants to be transferred.

    Hall of Fame

    > Visit Hall of Fame to meet the strongest Heirs.
    > Medal / Tower Invasion / PvP Rankers are displayed.
    > Challenge to be on the Hall of Fame!

    ■ Hall of Fame
    - Displays 1st rank of each content.
    - Touch the Crusade to check details.

    1. Medal
    - Medals can be acquired from Tower Invasion & PvP ranking rewards.
    - Medal ranking is determined by the Medal amount.

    2. Tower Invasion & PvP
    - Previous and current ranking can be checked for Tower Invasion & PvP.


    > Shows entire list of Masters & Servants in Heir of Light by Grade / Element / Roles
    > Lore of Masters & Servants are also included in the Collection

    ■ Collection List
    - All Masters & Servants are listed by roles / elements / grades.
    - Collected Servants are activated.
    - Collection can be sorted by role / element / grade.

    ■ Character Information
    1. Stats
    - Details about the stats for the selected character.

    2. Skills
    - Details about the skills for the selected character.

    3. Rune Slots
    - Details about the rune slots (including yellow edges) for the selected character.

    4. Review
    - Check reviews & ratings for the selected character or write one.

    5. Story
    - Background story for the selected character.

    Log in Calendar

    > Log in to receive rewards!
    > Rewards will be sent to mailbox.

    ■ Log in Calendar
    - Daily check in resets at 00:00.
    - Rewards will be sent to mailbox.
    - Calendar consists of 28 days and resets to day 1 after 28th day check in.


    > The place to visit when in need of something.
    > Shop has various items including Valor, Gold, and Packages.

    ■ Packages
    - Various cost effiecient packages can be purchased.

    ■ Tickets
    - Valor and PvP Tickets can be purchased using Karats.

    ■ Honor Points
    - Summon Stones and Mature Kether (skill enhancing material) can be purchased using Honor Points.
    - Certain items can only be purchased once per week and the limit resets at 00:00 on Mondays.
    - Honor Points can be acquired from PvP contents such as PvP and Tower Invasion.

    ■ Gold
    - Gold can be purchased using Karats

    ■ Karats
    - Karats can be purchased using Cash.

    ■ Lucky Chest
    - Lucky Chest that contains various type of Servant Shards can be purchased using Karats.

    Black Market

    > Special items are available at the Black Market.
    > Black Market refreshes hourly.

    ■ Black Market
    - Purchase items using Karats or Gold.
    - Black Market is automatically refreshed when accessing the menu (1 time per hour).
    - Black Market can be refreshed by using Karats.
    - List of 3 items are given and can be expanded up to 10 by using Karats or Gold.


    - Items from purchasing, event rewards, attendance rewards, and others can be collected from mailbox.
    - Make sure to check expiration date.

    ■ Claim / Delete
    - Touch claim button to claim that item from mailbox.
    - Claimed mails or expired mails will be automatically deleted.


    > Graphics, sound, and other setting can be configured.
    > Account link option is also available.

    ■ Account
    Information about Crusade can be checked from PlayerID, Crusade name, server, and etc.

    1. Account Link
    - Utilize [Account Link] function to safely keep your account.
    - There are 3 platforms available: Hive, Facebook, and Market (Apple / Google)
    - Accounts may get lost from reinstalling if accounts are not linked.

    Lost accounts cannot be recovered.
    Please make sure to link account to save current data.
    2. Log Out
    - Log out from current account to log into another account.
    - Log out function is not available for Guest Accounts.

    3. Server
    - Servers can be changed.
    - New Crusade will be created when changing servers and current progress cannot be transferred.

    4. Delete Account
    - Accounts can be deleted when no longer needed.
    - Deleted accounts will automatically unlink all accounts and cannot be recovered. Please proceed with care.

    5. Community & Hive
    - Touch the community button to be directed to [Official Forum].
    - Touch Hive button to check current Hive account profile.

    ■ Graphic
    - Graphic qualities can be changed.
    - Graphic settings can be customized and details can be checked by touching [?] icon.

    ■ Notification
    - Turn on/off the game/notice notifications.
    - When push notification is not being received even when all settings are enabled
    Check the application setting in the mobile setting.
    - Game notifications are push notifications sent automatically from the game to alert events. (Ex. Valor charged to max)
    - Notice notifications are push notifications sent for events and notices
    (Ex. Event information, maintenance complete information)

    ■ Sound
    - Adjust volume of BGM and effects.

    ■ Language
    - Change the game language.
    ** Only English and Korean are available for CBT.
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    Default Rune links?

    Runes linking together in yellow is not explained. Plz explain the requirements and what effect this has. Sometimes when the same type of rune is placed next to another the line connecting them turns yellow. Sometimes it doesn't. Do they need to be the same star value? Have the same primary ability? Does rune type even matter? How many can be linked? Can there be multiple links on a character? What does it do?
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    Default answered

    I missed it also but they did go over it.

    - Set effect for the Rune equipped on the Rune slot with yellow edges will enhance the effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy1339 View Post
    I missed it also but they did go over it.

    - Set effect for the Rune equipped on the Rune slot with yellow edges will enhance the effects.
    I saw that but that's not what I'm asking about. The lines that connect the runes together into a string. Those lines turn yellow as if you've successfully linked two (or more) runes together in a chain.
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    Default answered

    all the runes that have the same rune set bonus as the original rune(the original highlighted location)will light up if they connect. if you have all life, they will all highlight. if there is a break, they wont highlight pass the break.

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    Talking Impressive!

    Wonderful guide!! I am massively impressed by this and the fact that gamevil employes put down the effort in something like this makes me want to play this game even more. Keep content like this coming!

    Best regards

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