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    Default two players farm double jewells from differents guilds

    i see a two playes, i have my clan in i see other player if not in the guild, and the other player from my guild in other guild attacks the GBS for farm double jewells...Listen to rumors that data is being passed from one account to another. and if they attack the gbs they receive the jewels of the other player who also has their data...i have screens for the GBS from my guild and the other guild the two players are in GBS in the same time.

    both were expelled from the clans where they were
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    Default We want screenshots and names...

    Show the screenshots and the players names in case they are still doing it

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    Unfortunately reporting these things more likely than not (99.9%) Nothing is done about it. The exploit method has been reported for almost 2 years and still isn't fixed.

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