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Based on the lack of response from TripleCrown. It is safe to say there is truth to this, and the permutation is a front to deceive the gamer!
Game developers always need to keep in mind when using a trademark like MLB and big player names along with their stats they play it smart and have what's called a "watchdog". Every huge corporation has one and that's their job to see how the game is being utilized. If they think for one minute they're doing something illegal whether it's deceiving the customers by a rigging system they will shut them down faster than they'll have time to write up a goodbye letter to their "loyal" everyday gracious little players. A lawsuit will follow as a domino effect. I've seen this happen before my very eyes. If they think they're embezzling, stealing, all in due time it will get back to the right person, the dominant one in MLB and I feel sorry for them. Smh. I feel like they stole my money. I didn't get anything to show for it. 😡 They Didn't compensate very well in other words after spending over $100.