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15 monz per level: 38-10, 45-12, and AT 4-6
Yeah man that AT 4-6 is no joke. The bags drop reliably and I don't know for certain if the droprate for heroes is lower than usual on that stage or what but I've literally burned a hundred swords without interruption there several times, leaving the stage only when I get tired of watching it, my phone gets too hot or I need to re-up my VIP.

I'd also like to add that Substories seem like a bad call if you're looking to farm bags. I don't know if the bags share the loot table with coins or what but I wasn't getting drops there for love or money.

Plus I just got Croselle! 10/10 Best event ever, masterpiece. Time to spend all of my gems on swords so I can grab more pulls.