Greetings Heroes,
Check out the Update Details Below!

1. 4★ Hero Balance [Eshirite, Azlar, Tulkin]

As previously mentioned we are rebalancing original Heroes to ensure their quality of life.

* All stats are based on MAX Skill Levels.

2. Fairy Realm [Equipment Dungeon] 5th Floor Added

New [Equipment Dungeon 5th Floor] will drop 5★ Weapons & 6★ Accessories at 100%

3. Bug Fixes

1) Tojirou will no longer activate [Fury Incarnate] after being revived by Arin.
> Tojirou's [Fury Incarnate] was developed to be activated only once.

2) [Labyrinth] 60/106/107th Floor's [Gnoll Razorclaw Hunter] Buff Icon will now be correctly displayed.
3) Fixed Boss Raid's Diamond Icon to be display the correct size
4) [Chaos Spire] Drop list will now properly display [Shadow Weapon Enchant Material]
5) Recently used Friend's Hero will be displayed on the top of the list
6) Tojirou's Revival Skill Issue will be fixed, which made opponents be automatically defeated upon his death.
7) [Chaos Spire 12th Floor] All difficulties Lich's Crystal Skill Cooldown Reduction Effect has been fixed to apply correctly

4. ETC

1) 4★ Hero Selection Update [Hilda Added]

5. Ending Events

1) Chaos Spire Limited Pack Ending
2) Masamune/Soma/Tojirou Step Up Summon Event Ending
3) Eldin/Josephine/Arendel Pick Up Summon Ending