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    Nothing has changed that was necesary and urgent..

    Live action and FA Market

    All this other s*** is pointless if they don't fix those stupid pitches and the morronic limits in the FA Market it's all pointless

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    Default VERY big issue

    I created club name giants.

    I wanted to promote a player to a coach but i accidentally clicked manager. That player now owns the club that i spent 500 diamonds to create. Please PLEASE make a function asap to have the CREATOR of the club remain in control of the club because now i am no longer the owner of my own club that i created.

    At least make it a function for the actually created the club originally to remain the manager. Man im trippin balls cuz i saved up those diamonds to create my own club and i accidentally promoted someone else as manager

    Please TC help me get my club back!

    My in game name is giants85

    Name of club is giants

    I live in united states california
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    Default K/curve

    Hi TripleCrown,

    Nice update. I mean it.

    But… Why is the K/curve and splitter not fixed or at least removed.

    Every Application / Platform has a Development Environment, Staging Environment, Production Environment if professionally worked.
    With one maintaince that Gamevill perform often and yet there have (lot) experience, They can it rolling back to the previous version with some action on the button.
    The version without K/curve and splitter.

    I know that you probably will not give or can give an answer.

    But why can the Shop be fixed within an hour and the K/curve & Splitter, which is just an important issue for the Action Game, will only take a couple of weeks and they will not just put it back as it was and once it's tested again live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobaj87 View Post
    Dude, you need to relax. It's a game, first and foremost. Second, you are in no position to make demands or threats, it's childish. And your high and mighty attitude is slightly disturbing. If you're not happy then quit playing. You can't and shouldn't expect gamevil to cater to all your desires and needs. Relax or quit playing it's that simple. I prefer you quit though

    Seriously...? Have you spent any time in this forum... it’s not a game, it’s a waste of time and from what I see and read, money. I know many, many players that have not only left the game or limited play, they have deleted the app all together... su€k on that... have you played any of these a-holes who call time at the first defense switch and bring one of these 56 K-Curve douchebags and that’s all they throw? To be honest, if I was facing a +10 115 pitcher I would expect the best and fastest pitch they can offer and I have played them... but they play fair, mix in other pitches and actually “play light”. but it’s the +1 under 60 rated starters or relievers KCRV/ SPLT that do make the game a waste.. personally, I just go to F-U mode and throw CHG UPS outside (dragging the game out and make it as boring as possible) or hit the batter (in the head) these gamers who default to this BS. Those players are as bad as the developers.

    If you’re really pissed:
    That’s the MLB group that handles licenses to game developers. Let them know how Gamevil / Gong Games is treating their brand and here’s the MLB Players Union.

    212.826.0809 (Business Affairs)


    You are right, it’s a game but moreover a company that can clearly look at their analytics and see they are loosing 10’s of thousands of players who actually enjoyed what was once a “Game” and **** on a fan base... now go listen to your Kenny G greatest hits and beat up on your next victim with that collection you’ve put together.
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    Getting really tired of these ridiculous pitches. I'm losing to players I should have no problem beating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleCrown View Post

    Hello GMs,

    We will be having a maintenance during the hours below.

    10/12 7:00 PM - 10/13 1:00 AM PDT

    -Club System implemented
    -Monthly Subscription changed
    -Push notification letting users know the end of training
    -Equipment Inventory Loading Speed improved
    -Improved Batting Physics
    -Infield Fly Rule Applied
    -Pitcher Change Rule Applied (Substituted pitcher must pitch until the next batter is out, walked, or advances to first base)
    -Cut-off throw functionality revamped
    -Balls hitting the fence will no longer have a delay
    -Base running improved
    -Depending on Recovery Stat, players will recover a certain amount with each inning
    -Atlanta Braves Suntrust Park added
    -Monthly Mission Item feature added
    -FA Market UI Issue Fixed
    -FA Market Price Listing (High to Low) Fixed
    -Android 8.0 support
    -Players with incorrect pictures corrected
    -Live Battle Rewards revamped
    Hector Santiago
    Anthony Swarzak
    R.A. D_ickey
    Koji Uehara
    John Axford

    Thank you for your patience and support.

    -Perfect Inning Team-
    Hi TripleCrown,

    The update with "Base running improved" and "Balls hitting the fence will no longer have a delay" its great, Live Play action its improved with some new Fair Balls hits.

    (I don't know if you posted on this forum or that i saw it on the Korean Forum. But I read that finding / matching an opponent based is on Class, Points and Team Overall.
    Thats great for simming but for Action Battle its a big disappointment if you play in All Star S and Word Class. I meet each time the same person, it's good for me for the points but not for my opponent. Beside it takes a long time (sometimes more than 15 minutes) before you get (the same) opponent.
    There are about 5/6 active players in Word Class (Of which 1 with 2 accounts that only play against themselves) so there are 4 players left. With the new tweak its difficult to find a opponent.
    Its looks like that the Developers more look to the Action Simming.
    4 inning live Battle has a play duration of 15 minutes, and you get around 30 points for a win and 20 points for a Loss (Same as Simming) but in Action Live Battle that is a lot of games playing...
    75 For a Win 25 for a Loss its more fair by Live Battle.
    You can now see the top 100. In the top 100 there are a lot of players with a High Overall Team, who maybe has Good Live Battle Skills but World Class / All Star S players should never meet this players.
    Why not in Live Battle action searching on only Team Overall and if a player from Amateur / Semi Pro beat a All Star player that he received more points and if a All Star Player beat a Semi Pro received lesser points.
    With this option for Live battle, its directly a solution to not playing to yourself, each player could find quickly a opponent.

    The Weekly awards are great and a Much better, but please give some more GP for a win in Live Battle.. Its maybe a lot more than now, but give some 1 mil. GP for a Live Battle win.
    First, more people should playing, Second after 20 wins you can Buy a POM player or playing more for a War, then the problem with cards that are not sold also partially fixed. There comes more Money in the Game and people can more spending, and the Loyal Players should maybe spend some real money to enhance this cards with buying extra GP or Diamonds.

    Okay, i know your answer that you will give it to the developers. But i hope that the Solution for find a opponent and the points for a win In Live Battle seriously looked after and changed quickly (not after a few months).

    Thanks, And the update it's really nice except for the clubs (so far i do not see that as an addition.)
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