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    Default 30 Percent CE this friday as per Naver

    Sorry a lot of players did get trolled. Glad I did not combine xD

    Hot time combination
    Normal combination 30% UP
    Special combination 30% discount on jewelry cost
    30% off ordinary gold combination
    30% off combination recovery cost
    Special combination, two-stage climb UP
    When combined, the probability of acquiring a monster is increased.

    Bonus Jewelry Charge Event
    Receive 25% Bonus Gem when buying jewelry!

    Double VIP Event
    If you purchase during the event, VIP points have been doubled!
    Get VIP level on this occasion!

    * Double VIP points do not apply to first recharge VIP bonus.

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    And sooooo many said this isn't gonna happen. Lmao

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    Figured it would with star monsters coming out so I figured I would save, glad I did

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