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    Default Account Trade Trend

    I think Tomhawk is no more to respond. Even though I'm posting this:

    " I have been playing in Japanese Afterpulse community. Recently there is rising trend of account trade in the Lobby. It has been confirmed that many of them are fake and they are just putting name of some of the famous players. Many of them are dedicated afterpulse YouTubers. I'm reporting this as there is high chance of fraud and not to mention trading account is against the game's policy. I can corporate reporting every post consisting account trade information. Is there any possible actions regarding the issue?"

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    It's possible, but you'd have to have undebatable proof.
    And we have a new CM now (, so maybe Precision can help.

    I know that a lot of people have created new accounts, taken advantage of exploits, and sold the accounts. Disappointing, but it's part of pretty much every game (that includes collecting, building, or unlocking stuff) in existence.
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    Not sure "A lot" is accurate or fair...

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    I will be sure to relay this info to have it investigated and hopefully, something can be done about those players.
    This seems like quite a difficult task due to having to track these players and banning the accounts before the actual sales occur.
    I will share this to let it be known.

    **If you happen to have any videos or screenshots that might be of use in proving the abuse, please report these suspicious activities to our CS team at

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