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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricola Coughdrop View Post
    Just so chuno, i see boolean not nexon, I try and love it, start own guild build ancients and I start to experience dejavue (bugged updates, one after another and false promises with lack or super latent support or pate/copy responses from devs on tickets) made me do some resesrch and low and behold thee worst publisher ever purchased boolean studios, so that made sense, the untested updates/never fixed bugs. I can keep going. Now you know, btw ive also read up on the ftp business model. There are two of em actually. So do some research yourself. I saw on a post you saying this is how a ftp game operates. Well you were wrong. Only the model that concentrates more on profits than community and game itself. Which both models are successful, one just cares more about gamers and there experience playing game.
    Hey Ricola,

    It's cool you did some research, bud. Just to clarify, never said there was only one type of F2P model. However, if you look at the bigger picture there is one overarching theme - dinero, my friend...moola. I mean, when it comes down to it, it's a business let's be honest. How the business is run...well, that's a whole different story. All companies/devs are different in how they operate which is not news to anyone.

    From what I've gathered so far, there will be implementing some bug fixes soon. Whether it will appear along with the upcoming update is still unclear. I'm still waiting for more details so please stay tuned!

    I will be posting on a separate thread.


    - Pit Lord
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    Default Lord pit

    Hey bro think i am ricola and answer tl me . Thanks

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