Greetings Guardians

We will be having a maintenance on 9/5 PDT
Please find information about the update on 9/5 below.

As we announced previously, Devilian will be ending its service within this year.

We thank you for being a valued player of Devilian and wish to ensure that you have a great gaming experience until the service end date. We hope that you enjoy the free in-game boosts we have prepared for you in this update.

All products that require hard currency will be removed from the in-game shop, and players will be able to purchase certain limited items. Rewards from game content are planned to be increased as well.

We hope that all this will make playing Devilian a more pleasurable experience.

※ Information specified below is subject to change. If any changes occur, we will post notices with additional information.

■ Changes to Shop

1. 50% Sale on Selected Items

50% Sale Item List
> Premium Weapon Ticket
> Premium Armor Ticket
> Premium Accessory Ticket
> Premium Costume Ticket
> Premium Seal Ticket
> Weapon Enhancement Ticket
> Armor Enhancement Ticket
> Accessory Enhancement Ticket
> Devilian Stone Ticket (All)

2. Changes to purchase limits

> You may now purchase an unlimited amount of QuickClear Tickets

3. New Items

You will now be able to purchase additional items with Gems.

New Shop Item List
> Weapon Crystals
> Armor Crystals
> Accessory Crystals
> Devilian Essences
> Souls

4. In App Purchases emoved

In App Purchases will no longer be available in the Shop

■ New Max Level

All characters may now be leveled up to level 100.

■ New Max Skill Level

All passive skills may now be leveled up to level 15.

■ Increased Rewards

Rewards from 28 days Attendance, Event Attendance, and Returning User Login will be increased by 100%.

Devilian Essence drops from clearing the campaign will be increased by 100%.

Thank you for being a valued player of Devilian.

We will do our best to make sure you have the best gaming experience until the service end date.

Thank you.