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Thread: 64% Gold Buff?

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    Default 64% Gold Buff?

    I thought that this was supposed to be a 65% buff, but from the start button prior to starting Monster Wave, showing 64%. Is that a bug or is it really adding 64% instead of 65% buff?
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    & also today server was too lagy , i wonder was it really fixed ?
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    I have seen this kind of rounding error + faulty display method tons of times in codes. Kinda makes me sad to see it here too.
    Sometimes, when working with float numbers, it gets the value wrong by a small margin, so 5 becomes 4.9999999999, for example.
    This wouldn't be much of a problem, but if the display method converts this to integer, viola, it becomes 4 instead of 5.
    That's why I always round these float numbers in my display methods instead of directly converting them to integers.

    Or maybe it is really 64% instead of 65%. Without seeing the code, no one can say for sure.
    Either a display bug, or a 1% lie.
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