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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodtime2die View Post
    Dear developers:

    Just the same old story still landed in this game. Why dont you keep loving your hardworks in this game by fix all the bugs and crash. Just like we love this game by playing it and some of us still spend money to support your hardwork. And now im really curious what happened behind of this screen. Why wont you tell us what happened?. Just fix it and give us some clue why we should be patient on your promises. If only one or two crashes still ok but hey there alot of crashes since you said "all crash and bugs have been fixed"

    And baldeagle youre the star bro. Keep it up.

    Haha Thanks buddy! but we are all "paying customers" and deserve being treated as such! If I ever treated my customers this way at Audi, I'd have been fired a long time ago.....
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    When are we starting the strike I'm getting frosty !!

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    Oh wait this game is unplayable it's just like a strike anyhow !

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    Have any one of you ever encounting problem of this game which you was facing in the game and it get fixed ?
    Have anyone of you notice that so many Legends player are leaving this lovely game because of its developer does not care and not show their responsibility?
    Have anyone of you ever spend 5000 6000 7000 $ into one game as this game and get ignorant from its developer for issues and error in this game ?
    Have anyone of you got crash in the game,connection lagging,account and Id not able to get in the game ,lost weapon,lost gear,lost scores ?
    Have anyone of you ever uograde your iphone model from 5S to 6S then to 7 just to avoid the lag for this game graphic and their updating version ?
    Have anyone of you got reply or answer for your feedback,for your comment or for your complaining within one day or the day after ?
    Have anyone of you play 12Hours aday to get top 1 in ranking,not sleep in the night next day to work - just to buy and open crate then upgrade your gun?
    Have you ever feel the room full filled of player and play with out waiting half and hour just to get into one match and game crashing out ?

    Why do we play this game and love it that much even we loose the trust to its developer?
    And this tsunami problem happens every month,everytime,every day,why the fuk aren't they listen ?
    Is this enough?
    Enough for you ,for me,for everyone to complain to apple or to Digital Consumer Rights to each country this game available
    We need to do something strong,remarkable and effective to let those donkeys head understand whats going on and what would happen .
    What we would do.
    Think and answer it your self.Comment or feedback and get in Discord with us.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldEagle13 View Post
    Brothers, this is just 100% stupid on our part! The disconnects and crashes have gotten worse and way out of control! I've played 4 games tonight, and app has shut down in 4 of those. Why do we continue to play and support these people that only care about taking our money? They REFUSE to fix the game, they REFUSE to respond to us, all they care about is new weapons and YOUR money! I have been playing for over 1.5 years literally every day just like many on discord TZ and in Æ nation, and it's time to stand together and stop playing this game together! For a day, or two I don't know, but if we do it together maybe they will finally listen and fix this stupidity!! I wouldn't still play the game every day if I didn't love it, but I am not a complete moron! This has to be fixed and it has to be fixed NOW! You hear and see this Tomahawk?? And if you are a new android user/player and are reading not give this company a penny of your money! This game is beyond broken right now, event is NOT playable. So sick of having to write posts like this. One I will delete this game forever, it may not affect you then, but sooner or later it will.....because many will follow. Come to discord TruceZone and you will learn the truth about this game!

    #disgusted #disconnected
    I think only a complete idiot would spend money on this game the way it is now.
    I got booted out of the ranked game this wk 10 sec before it was over when my team was 2000 points ahead and I had 8 kills and 3 deaths. 10 points lost.
    Had enough. Asked iTunes for a refund asking them to look at this forum. They refunded me.
    I think if all players do the same on a specific day it may wake them up..........

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