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    Default New Equip increase Element Attack?

    Yoo Kylar..
    Could you make another Equip that increase Magic Att?
    Magic att is too low since no. Stat on equip except avatar increase it stat..
    While physical att got Crit rate, damage and increase dam. Att on equip..
    As far I know, If a char is human they use physical att and if change to monster (Devil) it should be use magic..
    But nowdays people use Physical att on Devilian coz you not increase their magic att on equip..
    Devilstone not help that's much too, since if use element att (Fire, light or ice) only small amount increase...
    So please Make new Equip, That will increase Element and that will help us on new Chapter and Raid That you Making now..
    Thank You..

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    No reply, Kylar? -_-

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