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    Eclair is loosing her class buff soon, so no point making her sub atm. Keep your team as it is.

    And from my experience as a DV main, and having a BD sub, both work extremely well with Wally, so you can use them just as well with Wally, and IW and BB default need Wally, so you have a pretty balanced Wally team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leo705 View Post
    so you have a pretty balanced Wally team.
    Don't forget that they work great with Bappy also and Lilith
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddybear View Post
    Love the game, and my 4 classes right now.
    I'll keep my team then
    Have a nice weekend Arkon!
    I agree with Arkon66, I main Zerk and my primary pet is Wally; has been since I've had him. I kept who I wanted and built the affixes to offset any shortcomings which must be working out because I average the 600-700 karats in melee and usually make pretty decent in arena. Now I am shooting for sage with wally/bapho which suits my play style. I sacrificed all my others but ended up getting a couple back.
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    I really think making great sage with bapho is'nt the best choice. Unless you play only auto mode. If you like Wally, make great sage with Draco or gretel.

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