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    Default [Guide] Dark Souls Guide

    What are Dark Souls?
    Dark Souls are the ultimate beings from the dark, that came back to destroy everything.
    To summon "Dark Souls" you need to create "Dark Souls Keys" with three specific awaken allies.

    [Dark Souls]

    1) Dark Soul Ragnarok
    -Class: Warrior
    -Allies needed to create Dark Souls Key:
    Refuge King Gram, Power Sword Ackard, and Patta the Absolute Protector
    -Allies that can equip Dark Souls key:
    Draco Deathcrown, Gaela the Fallen, Storm Bear the Iron Wall, Judge Shadow Howl,Refuge King Gram, Power Sword Ackard, and Patta the Absolute Protector, and your Warrior character.

    2)Dark Soul Tiehr
    -Class: Rogue
    -Allies needed to create Dark Souls Key:
    Tainted Loki, Envoy Fulson, and Dragon Slayer Lucienne
    -Allies that can equip Dark Souls key:
    Draco Greysoul, Mikaela the Fatal, Hellhawk the Shadow Wings, Tainted Loki, Envoy Fulson, Dragon Slayer Lucienne, and your Rogue character.

    [Dark Souls Key Creating]
    -Dark Souls menu is added on the right side, below the Dragon Busters icon.
    -You can manage Dark Souls including creating the key in that menu
    -Each Dark Souls key requires 3 specific awaken allies + 30 Hero essences + 1,000,000 gold

    - You can find the key in your inventory
    * You don't lose the Allies that you need to create a key
    * Dark Souls Keys are U grade items which cannot be sold
    * Each Dark Souls Key can only be created once
    * Any Boden / Draco / Archangeli with same class as the Dark Souls can equip the key
    - 4th accessory slot will be unlocked for allies who can equip the Dark Souls Key and the Dark Souls Key can be equipped on the 4th accessory slot
    - Once Dark Souls Key is equipped on an Ally, you can see the Ally's name under Dark Soul's name in the Dark Souls Menu
    - Grade icon and portrait will change for the ally who is equipping the Dark Souls Key

    [Dark Souls Enhance]
    -Dark Souls can be enhanced in the Dark Souls Menu
    -Once Dark Souls are created, within it's interface it'll change from Create Key to Enhance
    -One SSS Ally (not Deity) is required to enhance Dark Souls
    -Enhance rate for Dark Souls is 100% and the stats will increase by 10% with it's first enhance;
    the stats increase rate will increase as the enhance level goes up
    *Allies will be consumed when enhancing.
    -Dark Souls can be enhanced up to +9 (Max)

    [Dark Souls Summon]
    - Dark Souls can be summoned in every battle.
    - Dark Souls are summoned depending on the STA Summon Setting.
    - Dark Souls can be brought back using Revival Orders, any revival skill or revival scroll cannot bring back Dark Souls.

    Note: Revival orders will not automatically revive the Dark Souls,
    only if the ally using the key completely dies, then when you use the revival orders it'll revive the Dark Soul and the Ally.

    - When Dark Souls are defeated,
    the ally who summoned the Dark Souls will come back with the previous HP when summoned.

    - When Dark Souls are defeated in one of the battles, it can be summoned again next battle.

    [Dark Souls Stats]
    - Dark Souls receive 50% stat increase from your allies equipment's,
    also the effect from that allies skill card will come into affect.

    - Dark Souls are immune to the following skills: Instant kill/ Seal/ Seduction/ Transformation
    - All other debuffs are reduced by 50% for Dark Souls
    * All skills that come into effect will be removed upon the summoning of a Dark Soul.
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    Please update this guide, now that the keys can be upgraded to Ultimate! Thank you

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