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    Default Android -> iOS -> CS-Code ?!?

    did you notice, that the CS-Code is much longer on iOS, than on Android???
    But it is nevertheless possible to transfer a Account from Android to iOS (iPod 4) ???...
    Cause I have sent GV a Acc.-Transfer-Formular and I am waiting for almost 2 Weeks..!!!
    Thanks for your Help !!!
    Best regards

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    From what I have read here in the forum, yes it is possible.

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    Yes you can. I did it. Just write it down (along with your alliance code!) and use the in-game option to Upload Data to the server then Download it on your iPod.
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    I did an account transfer from android to ios (i phone 5) and that was before you can do it in game via upload account. so I know they can do it.

    just got to be patient. it took 3 days for mine to go threw. but it seem like they take there time with it now since the in game method came in play.

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