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  1. Hi BigThome,

    I will consult the developers to be sure, but I'm pretty certain that all SE players have a Skill when you obtain them while you must pay 15 Diamonds to add a skill to a normal player.

    To address your second question, skills aren't position-specific. The "Great Infield" skill adds +2 Fielding while runners are in scoring position. It's definitely a skill that benefits outfielders, the name was just misinterpreted during translation.

    I hope this helps you! Thank you for your support!

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    Evening TC. Couple quick questions regarding skills. I was informed these are assigned when a card is received that allows a skill. Is this correct? Second question is why would a skill titled "great infielder" be assigned an outfielder? I have an 2016 Herrera Seasons Best for the Phillies. If skills are going to be assigned I think they should be delagted to that respectful position. Now Im forced to take a chance and spend 15 diamonds to change it. Granted I dont have to but an OF with an IF skill is useless. Please advise if the game can do something for me or if its up to me to change.

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    I'm having an issue TC. I just unlocked the special difficulty mode and after resetting a season and going back to the menu, suddenly the special mode needs to be unlocked. What the heck happened? This can't be right. Someone else had the exact same thing happen in the technical issues forum.
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    I have a android lg tablet and no I can't play a live season game
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    Why does mlb perfect inning live goes to my home screen every time I play a season game
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    My user is Wildcat19
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    Hey, TC, I saw that you posted on the tourney, and I don't know if this is in your power, but could make it so the winner definitely gets the card? It would **** to win the tourney just to have a sniper pick up the card from the market. Thanks
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    Hello TC.
    I was hoping to get an update on when the roster updates will be and how it'll work, in terms of when the stats will be based on and how they'll be calculated.
    I'm a game based player and love playing with the Seattle mariners, but have several issues especially with majority of their pitching with ratings in the 50s and 60s making many cards unreliable. Steve cishek, James pazos, are hugely underrated on this game and jean segura, Kyle seager, Danny Valencia and now mike zunino and Ben gamel. These are all players who's stats and abilities do not reflect either this season or a reflection of these players careers. I feel like many players like Ben gamel get forgotten and the big name players get the love. So I hope you guys look extensively into each team and their deepest players on the rosters to make sure to be fully accurate so we don't have many unusable players. I hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your time!
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    Dear Triplecrown,

    Many players including me in Taiwan didn't get the reward of "Enhanced Roster Community Event ".

    So may I know what is the problem?

    My IGN :無舞餓死舞

    Thank you so much.
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    Just wondering when the roulette and uniforms are guna be available
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